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  • A crisis in Qatar hasn't been enough to lift oil and natural gas prices as the world remains awash in supplies
  • Harold Hamm sees U.S. natural gas exports changing the power dynamics of Europe
  • It's difficult to get a good, accurate count on where oil supplies stand, because major sources of information don't jibe with one another
Harold Hamm: Natural gas from the USA is going to have a 'world impact'
Harold Hamm: Natural gas from the USA is going to have a 'world impact'  

The price of oil keeps sliding as an abundance of supply keeps a ceiling on the price — despite the rising tensions in the Middle East — and natural gas is sharply lower over the last 30 days well.

In a phone interview with CNBC, Harold Hamm, chairman and CEO of Continental Resources, talked about turmoil between Qatar and its neighbors, the price of liquid natural gas and oil, and the latest on the United States' first LNG exports to Northern and Central Europe.

CNBC: Last Thursday, the White House announced LNG shipments to the Netherlands and Poland — the first American LNG exports into northern and central Europe. You have said in the past that U.S. exports of natural gas to Europe would shake up the geopolitical landscape, because it would relieve Europe from being beholden to Russian natural gas.

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