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Louisiana and Texas are set to gain thousands of energy jobs in the first part of 2023, the LSU Center for Energy Studies said in its 2023 Gulf Coast Energy Outlook.

As in previous years, this edition of the Gulf Coast Energy Outlook (GCEO) provides a comprehensive overview of the Gulf Coast region’s energy industry outlook for the upcoming year.

Last year’s GCEO addressed post-pandemic operational adjustments implemented by the industry, as well as the impacts of the 2020 and 2021 hurricane seasons.

The 2023 GCEO addresses the implications of the Russo-Ukrainian war on global energy markets and energy security. The impacts of decarbonization policies and the Inflation Reduction Act on corporate strategies are also considered.

LSU believes that long-run energy demand growth will lead to increased U.S. energy exports; however, a global recession would reduce demand for energy products.

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